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Arduino Due System With Two CAN Bus Ports For Industrial And Vehicle Applications

jCOM.DUE.CORE-B Arduino-Due-Based USB Gateway With Two CAN Bus PortsThe jCOM.DUE.CORE-B board combines the Due CORE, an Arduino Compatible SAM3X8E 32bit ARM Cortex M3 Module with a Dual CAN Bus Interface.

The CAN Bus board includes dual CAN transceivers required by the two integrated CAN Bus ports on the Arduino Due processor module. They transform the CAN Bus TTL signal into a differential voltage as required by the CAN Bus Standard (ISO 11898).

The Due CORE is a compact version of the Arduino DUE. It unites all peripherals required for the MCU, and all GPIO signals connect to 2.54mm connectors. As a standard MCU core, the board has the following features:

  • Compact size: All components are put on a 54 x 58mm 4-Layers PCB. All IOs are connected to a 116-pin 2.54 standard connector.
  • Easy to use: All IOs are connected to 116pin 2.54 standard connector. It requires only a 5 VDC power supply to make it work.
  • Stable design: High-quality 4-layer PCB layout, two 5V to 3.3V LDO onboard, one for digital and one for analog processing. Separate AVCC and AGND, to ensure optimum analog performance.
  • Easy to set up the development environment: Uploading sketches through standard 6-pin UART interface, standard Micro USB connector, full use of existing resources.
  • User-friendly design: Rich LED status indication, two onboard buttons, one is for MCU reset, and one is for Flash Erase. Unique jumper erases protection against the flash erased by mistake.
  • Rich resources: All IOs are available for the user. The onboard I2C EEPROM is designed to compensate for the shortcomings of the standard SAM3X8E, which has no built-in EEPROM.

The jCOM.DUE.CORE-B board is powered either by the USB port connection (either the programming or native USB) or through an external power supply supporting an input voltage of 7 to 36 VDC.

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